Business Law

Alternative dispute resolution can be especially effective in business law disputes. This is because everyone involved has something at stake and could benefit from the continuation of the relationship. When two parties share a mutual interest in ending a dispute in the best possible way, mediation is one of their best options.

Mediation brings together disputing parties to discuss the issue at hand and explore the various possibilities for resolution. The process makes it possible to take a creative approach to resolving the issue and allows parties to craft a customized solution that is appropriate for their circumstances. Often, when business disputes are settled in court, there are a limited number of options available and many times, none of these options is ideal.

If you are involved in a business dispute in Birmingham, Alabama, and you believe mediation could play a role in resolving it, Salem (Sonny) Resha can help. Sonny has 35 years of experience practicing law in the state of Alabama. He has tried over 150 cases in state and federal court, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. As someone with experience with the court system, Sonny understands that there are often better options for resolving disputes.