Mediation is one of the most powerful tools available for settling any type of legal matter. Whether an issue is personal or professional, or somewhere in between, mediation provides an efficient means of resolution that helps disputing parties save time, money, and frustration.

The process of mediation takes a different approach than litigation. Mediation gets right to the heart of a legal dispute and puts the disputing parties in control of the outcome. A mediator guides the conversation of the parties and helps them see the benefits of resolving the matter outside of the courtroom – but he or she is not “in charge of” the outcome. Whereas a judge makes a determination when a matter is settled in court, in mediation the disputing parties discuss potential resolutions and determine whether or not any of these resolutions is possible. It is one of the few methods for resolving legal disputes that can result in everyone involved walking away from the matter satisfied with the outcome.

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